Your website is hosted in a highly available, fast and resilient hosting environment.  Know that you’re in good hands when it comes to performance and availability of your website.


What’s a website if visitors immediately leave your site?  Make it look good by collaborating with me to make your site look phenomenal.


Connect hundreds of integrations like contact forms, marketing automation tools, social platforms and more.  The possibilities are endless.


Super simple pricing that’s bound to fit with your small business budget.  I know it’s tough out there, but that doesn’t mean the quality and performance of your site has to reflect such.


Advanced security with a free SSL certificate with every site by default, complex passwords and disk encryption.  Optional CDN to speed up your site and protect against DDoS.


Every site is built with the intent to be fast. With advanced content caching, HTML and CSS minification and scheduled database cleanups your site goes zoom-zoom man.

Performance Tuning

  • Caching of static website assets to reduce server load and page load time in your browser.
  • Clean, unbloated code to make it easy for the web page to load fast.
  • Minification of javascript and cascading style sheets to help the functionality of the site render quicker.
  • Regular, automated database maintenance to keep it healthy.
  • Optional Content Delivery Network implementation to help your site load fast, no matter where the visitor is.

Security first mindset

  • SSL and encryption shouldn’t even be on optional topic at this point.  Secure all the way baby.
  • Leveraging Let’s Encrypt to provide strong, automated, and always on security.
  • Advanced CDN tactics to help with server load, and to help mitigate DDoS attacks.
  • Your server is yours.  You don’t share a web server with anybody else. Period.
  • Extremely long, complicated passwords in the bowels of your environment that are generated all systematically.  Nobody knows what they are, not even me.

Handled with care

  • I treat every site as if it were my own.  Great care is taken and thoughtful consideration behind every decision.
  • Every detail examined, analyzed and configured in the best possible manner.
  • Humility in knowing and understanding that it can never be perfect.  There will always be room for improvement.  And I’m looking for every opportunity to improve a website.
  • You’re not just money to me.  You’re a fellow small business owner and we’re partners in this.

No bullshit pricing

  • Services here and services there and addons here and extra costs there.  Nonsense.  Nobody has any time for all of that.
  • Proposals in two pages or less.  The work being done should be able to be explained on paper briefly. Any more and it’s bloat and unnecessary.
  • Flat fee pricing for the project, monthly hosting costs that are predictable, and an optional block of hours that’s easy to comprehend.
  • If I mess up, your server is down unplanned, or I spend more time than what I quoted you, that’s on me.  Not going to make you pay for a setback on my part.


To be perfectly honest, this can vary with the complexity of the site, how much traffic it gets, etc.  Usually, since I really only build one or two page websites, you can expect a number between $700 up to $1000 or more.  Pricing is based on the value add, not the actual website. Know that you’ll fully understand the reason behind the numbers I propose.

Of course I do.  But to be honest, these sites that I build and host rarely need anything.  But if something goes wrong, I fix it.

Nope.  And I’ll tell you why, the platform I host websites on is extremely resilient and fast.  Couple this with all the geeky details under the hood like what kind of disks and CPU’s are in the background, I’m highly confident in the choice I have made in a hosting partner.

You can pay either by credit card or ACH transactions.

Usually my projects are brand new websites so this isn’t overly common.  Since there is a lot of coordination and manual configuration changes, there would be an added cost to migrate a website if it were compatible with my hosting.

Nope.  If I’m building a website, I’ll host it as I 100% trust my hosting and I know that it works very well.  This, and with how I develop and move a project forward, this doesn’t really align well with that.

Normally, I like to collect a payment upfront to get started.  This is usually around 20% of the total project cost. Then, the remainder once the website is live.  In some cases, I may make an exception if you were to sign a 6 or 12 month contract with me.  Then we may be able to work out a payment plan.  This would require an automatic debit from your preferred payment method.